GitLab Azure AD 設定

GitLab 自帶 Azure AD Oauth2 支援,詳見 GitLab 文檔


首先在 Azure 入口網站 Azure AD 管理界面註冊企業應用程式,到“Azure Active Directory”-“預設目錄”-“應用程式註冊”點“加入”,填寫“名稱”和“登入URL”創建企業應用程式,然後點“端點”查看鏈接內的TENANT ID。


設定 GitLab

$ sudo -u git -H editor config/gitlab.yml

## OmniAuth settings
    # Allow login via Twitter, Google, etc. using OmniAuth providers
    enabled: true
    # CAUTION!
    # This allows users to login without having a user account first. Define the allowed providers
    # using an array, e.g. ["saml", "twitter"], or as true/false to allow all providers or none.
    # User accounts will be created automatically when authentication was successful.
    allow_single_sign_on: ["azure_oauth2"] #在這裏設定 Azure Oauth2
    auto_link_ldap_user: true
    # Locks down those users until they have been cleared by the admin (default: true).
    block_auto_created_users: true

    - { name: 'azure_oauth2', args: { client_id: "CLIENT ID", client_secret: "CLIENT SECRET", tenant_id: "TENANT ID" } }

$ sudo systemctl restart gitlab

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